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It was in 2011 when Classic Motorwork's founder, Tan Lu Han discovered his passion in repairing cars when he started maintaining and repairing his own 1971 Land Rover Series, learning from the internet and vehicle maintenance manuals.


Classic Motorworks was established officially in 2016 as a 2-man workshop located deep in Tuas. Over the 5 years of operation, we grew to become one of the most trusted and well-established classic cars workshop in Singapore.


Today, Classic Motorworks is recognised as the only full-fledged classic car dealership in Singapore. As we evolved into the trading business, our background in the mechanical aspect and an in-house workshop serves as a strong foundation for our after-sales support, ensuring our customers a seamless process of owning their first classic car. 

Moving forward, we hope that our expertise in this trade would encourage more people in sharing our passion and appreciation for these things of great beauty!

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