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  • What vehicles can be imported and registered under the Classic Vehicle Scheme?
    Cars, motorcycles and scooters that are at least 35 years old from its original registration date! More information can be found in the link below:
  • How long does the entire process of importation and registration take?
    Appoximately 5 weeks for freight, 4 weeks for registration and possibly minor repairs before sending it for inspection. We aim to deliver all vehicles within 10 weeks from purchase date!
  • Can I take a car loan for these imported vehicles and how much downpayment must I pay?
    Yes, there are financing options for classic vehicles too! Downpayment is usually 20% to 30% of the total price, but this is on a case to case basis depending on factors such as loanee's income and total loan amount.
  • Is it possible to import a classic vehicle and register it under the normal scheme?
    Unfortunately, imported classic vehicles can only be registered under the Classic Vehicle Scheme. Daily use classic vehicles must be purchased from the local market.
  • Can I import a vehicle that is less than 35 years old, store it and register it when it is old enough?"
    Yes! It is recommended to do so if your desired vehicle is not "old enough". Because prices of classic vehicles are almost always appreciating, you are probably getting a good deal right now!
  • What are the usage restrictions for a classic vehicle under this scheme?
    You can only use your classic vehicle for 45 days in a calendar year under the Classic Vehicle Scheme. You must display a valid Day Licence each time you use it. More information can be found in the link below:
  • How much is the COE, Road Tax, and insurance for a classic car?"
    COE is 10% of the Prevailing Quota Premium (PQP) in the appropriate vehicle category. Road Tax is $280 per calendar year standardised for all classic cars. Car insurance is $299.80 standardised for all classic cars.
  • How much do I need to spend on servicing and maintenance each year for my classic car?
    Because of lesser usage compared to our daily drive modern cars, we can expect lesser servicing and maintenance cost too! We estimate between $500 to not more than $1,200 to be spent on servicing and maintenance each year. This varies depending on the car!
  • Are parts for classic vehicles hard to find?
    Contrary to popular belief, parts for classic vehicles are readily available! Furthermore, we have numerous regular suppliers which we get our parts from since our workshop days, so finding parts through us is never a problem!
  • Can classic vehicles travel out of Singapore?
    Yes! In fact we have organised car meets to Malaysia before, and we are looking forward to do it again when the border reopens!
  • How much do you charge to import classic vehicles?
    We charge a service fee of $5,000 to manage the importation procedure which includes: 1. Arranging for freight 2. Customs declaration and import 3. Collection of vehicle at port 4. Sending for Vicom inspection 5. Completing LTA registration procedures, including purchase of car insurance and sealing of car plate
  • Do I have to source for my own vehicle, or can you source one for me?
    You can leave it to us! We have a number of ground men who are mechanically trained, situated around the world to physically source and carefully select the perfect unit for our customers. A ground man fee of $1,500 is payable to these experts for their services.
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