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1983 Mercedes-Benz 300GD

Engine Capacity: 2,998 cc

Gear: Manual

Fuel Type: Diesel

Vehicle Feature: 4x4

Work Done:

Full lubricant and coolant flush
Full servicing of brakes
Replacement of brake shoes and wheel cylinders
Fuel pump and injector overhaul
Radiator serviced
Full wiring repair
Change of oil and fuel filter
Installation of new aircon system
New upholstery
Dashboard and transmission console repainted
New audio set with bass
Exterior and interior paint touch up


The G-Class, commonly known as G-Wagen is a four-wheel drive luxury SUV initially developed as a military vehicle. It was only offered to civilians in 1979. This 3.0L diesel, 3 doors variant, was the most popular model of the first generation of G-Wagens (W460).

Originally made for the dirt, development of the G-Class started in the 70s when testing was conducted in the desert, the arctic and everywhere in between. 


Here at Classic Motorworks, we made sure this SUV retains its off-road prowess, and we are excited for the new owner to experience what we did.


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