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1964 Ford Galaxie 500XL

Engine: 5,766 cc, V8 Engine

Gear: Auto

Fuel Type: Petrol

Work Done:

Full service
All springs and bushings replaced
Engine top overhaul with full repaint in enamel
Engine bay items fully painted
Brakes fully serviced with new master cylinder and servo
Gearbox overhauled
New aircon system
New power steering ram
New paint job


Talking about rarity, you are looking at the one and only unit of such here in Singapore. If a full-sized American muscle car and the raw sound of its 5.8L V8 engine are not good enough reasons for heads to turn, nothing else will. 

The amount of chrome trims, polished white leather seats, and the attention to details on the interior of this car exudes quality and luxury. This 2-door body style unit needs no compensation for leg room and comfort. Think about it, if it is meant to fit 4 Americans comfortably, how many Asians can it fit?


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